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The total value of the world's financial assets—including equities, private and government debt securities, and bank deposits—grew faster in 2006 than the historical average rate, climbing by 17 percent to reach $167 trillion.† Meanwhile, cross-border capital flows climbed to a record $8.2 trillion.

In this InDepth Analysis, April Harding discussed the role of private sector participation in health care.† †More ...


Emerging markets were the hottest investments during the past few years.

Mutual funds with stocks in Brazil, Russia, India and China became mainstream.†

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Looking Ahead to 2007

Gazing in the crystal ball is a tough business. Here are some things some experts are watching for.

Medium-Term Forecast

After years of being the front runner, the recent slow-down in 2006 in the US economy (2.4%) and anticipated sluggish recovery (3.3%) in 2007, lets the rest of the world take the lead.


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  January 01, 2007