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What's in Store for 2007?

This Outlook discusses what may be in store for the health sector in emerging markets in the year 2007.

Do you dare to gaze into the crystal ball? Will 2007 be a good year for investments in the health sector?

Predicting the future is a tough business. After a spectacular year when markets went higher than ever, will there be more gains to be made next year?

Here is what some of the experts say.

Those who are bullish say 2006 was a great year. Optimists say stocks finished high. There are signs that the economy is resilient. Rates have been steady. And after a roller cost ride oil finished up only one cent higher than the year before.

Those who are bearish fret. Nervous investors worry about signs of a weakening economy. They point out that 2006 finished quietly. Overseas interest rates are rising. And the domestic housing market is slow.

So the story is mixed. Any fool can buy a company but the clever part is selling it at a profit.

That means buying low and selling high. But if the markets are already at a peak and the economy wakening what should you do?

The brave will invest in the laggards who did not succeed in 2006, but are ready to turn the corner in 2007. There may be big gains in those quarters.

The more cautious will adopt a defensive strategy. They will buy things that people need in both good and bad times.

This makes the health sector and staple consumer goods easy pickings for 2007.

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  January 01, 2007