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January 1, 2009
Volume 9: Issue 1

This issue looks at the financial crisis and its impact on the health care industry.

Editor's Choice


A Necessary Evil

This Editorial describes Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr.'s bail out plan for the financial sector.


No Pain No Gain

This Op Ed argues that allowing some firms to fail and going ahead with some foreclosures may be a better solution to the crisis than the proposed government bail-out programs.†



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Debate Main: Editorial Staff
When, Where, How, and to What Degree Should Governments Intervene
Viewpoint: Alexander Preker
Tip of Financial Iceberg
Editorial: Editorial Staff
A Necessary Evil
OpEd: Editorial Staff
No Pain No Gain


Analysis Main: Editorial Staff
Regulating Markets
InDepth: Alexander Preker
Invisible Hand and Role of Governments
Review: Alexander Preker
2008 Financial Crisis
Outlook: Alexander Preker
Global Recession in 2009

Profiles Main: Editorial Staff
Big Pharma Big Deal
Leadership Forum:
Jeffrey B. Kindler
Industry Profile:
Pharmaceutical Industry
Feature Company:
Pfizer Inc
Investor in the Spotlight:
Mystery Banks Revealed
Market in Focus:
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

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