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Journal of Health Investment & Finance

January 1, 2007
Volume 7: Issue 1

This issue looks at the financial crisis and its impact on the health care industry.

Editor's Choice


Investment Risk of Politics

This Editorial describes how politics plays a pervasive role in the debate on public and private engagement in the health sector.


Investment Climate

This OpEd discusses how every day, firms and entrepreneurs around the world face important choices in terms of the investment climate in which they work.



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Table of Contents: Editorial Staff
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Debate Main: Editorial Staff
When, Where, How, and to What Degree Should Governments Intervene
Viewpoint: Alexander Preker
Economics of Public and Private Roles in Health Care
Editorial: Editorial Staff
Investment Risk of Politics
OpEd: Editorial Staff
Investment Climate


Analysis Main: Editorial Staff
Health Care in Emerging Markets
InDepth: Alexander Preker
Private Participation in Health Care
Review: Alexander Preker
2006 A Vintage Year
Outlook: Alexander Preker
What's in Store for 2007?

Profiles Main: Editorial Staff
Health Care Powerhouse in South Asia
Market in Focus:
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

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  January 01, 2007